Finding an OB GYN in Coconut Grove is easy when you consider the range of services offered by Bayshore Women’s Healthcare. Doctors Joseph Triana, Albert Triana, Francisco Cruz, and Ernesto Cardenas are OB GYN physicians serving Coconut Grove and the areas surrounding Mercy Hospital for nearly a  decade. We are well established in the area and have strong bonds with local sub specialists and consultants to assure that our patients receive the finest care during pregnancy or gynecologic care.

Our patients have consistently ranked Bayshore in the top 90% of OB GYN practices in Miami for many reasons.

At the top of the list is our staff. Our turn over rate is exceedingly low due to a professional and friendly environment. Our patients are treated with the compassion and respect that everybody deserves.  Patients are treated like family and we are always glad to answer questions, review results, or provide the reassurance needed to make the best health care decisions.

Our physicians assure that patients are receiving the highest level of medical care and newest developments in our field. We are innovators in minimally invasive surgery such as Da Vinci Robotic system and single site laparoscopy. The result is fast recovery and avoiding the need for cosmetically unpleasant incisions.

Our offices in Coconut Grove and in Doral feature high resolution ultrasound, 3D/4D imaging, and in office surgeries such as Essure, Novasure Endometrial Ablation, hysteroscopy, and treatment of pre-cancer of the cervix.

With all the services available at Bayshore Women’s Healthcare, we are confident we will be your choice OB GYN in
Coconut Grove